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    look at that bitch face he pulls i swear to god


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  3. The truth isn’t all things to all people all of the time. 

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  4. Steve Rogers + Leather Jacket

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  6. RDJs last fb status convinces me: the man has a tumblr

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    Photography by Desmond Muckian [HQ]

    I’ve never seen this? O.
    laterovaries quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks britishmenaredestroyingmylife



    I haven’t seen this gorgeous piece of fuckery either! smittentomkitten….


    i know.  it cold-cocked me in the face this morning.  the only thing saving me is the beanie.  i’m not feeling the beanie. i like his stupid hair too much to embrace the beanie.

    but that hand vein, though.  laterovaries look at the hand vein…

    e tu da dove esci, di grazia?

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    So yeah, this is me


    Nailed it

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    So yeah, this is me


    Nailed it

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    Another commission for 

    For her fic Loki’s Blanket

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    you know whatd be a fun exercise

    get a writer and an artist together. artist does a sketch, writer writes a handful of paragraphs. they give them to each other.

    writer has to write a handful of paragraphs on the scene depicted in the sketch, and it cant be just like, describing it. artist has to draw a new sketch from the writing.

    it’d be a neat lil’ flex-the-muscles sort of thing. 

    ooh yes! sounds beautiful

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    Source For more facts, Click HERE to follow Ultrafacts

    Finally a pope that understands what Jesus was trying to say back then.

    The only one who bothers practicing the truth.

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    "You’re 6’4", 240-pound Marine, and you’re injured, and you need a Marine next to you to carry you back to safety, and the Marine next to you is a 5’4" woman who weighs 115 pounds,"

    No problem.

    in before “well most women can’t do that” because NEWS FLASH most men can’t either, that’s why it’s a highly specialized career that requires a lot of devoted training

    One of my former coworkers was a very slim girl only a tad taller than me, and she was training to be a fireman, and she could lift the biggest dude on my crew like this who was around 6’5 and super bulky.One time she picked him up and ran around the crew room with him for about 5 minutes before letting him down.

    Even though I haven’t exercised in over a year—if you count DDR—and I’m incredibly petite (5’0”, 100 lbs), I can carry most guys. If they’re under 200 lbs, I can run with them on my back for 5 blocks, but I can walk for a mile. Once they’re about 250, I can only walk about a block or two before my spine feels like it’s about to break. If I were in a survival situation and their life depended on it, I could go on much further, until my legs gave out.

    It’s why I hate the bullshit that women are inherently weak. Nah, man. Nah.

    More power to you all because I can barely lift my five year old nephew without hating myself ten minutes later….

    People have done studies of the military that demonstrate that with the same training for the same length of time, both men and women can achieve the same fitness level. They can carry as much, run as far, shoot as well, you name it. The idea that women are weaker than men is a total myth, and one that that the patriarchy is desperate to make us believe. (I wish I could give you a source for this but it’s been a while since I read it)

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